• Reviewed by: keyi_ingrid  on: 2018/8/11 17:31:41
    Why do this place have delivery when they don’t want to come and deliver like this is the second time they do this shit the reason she gave me was that the driver didn’t want to deliver to martingrove and Albion bullshit
  • Reviewed by: amandamjjeffery  on: 2016-08-20T19:54:42
    Love this place the staff are so friendly and always helpful in addition the food is on point, I travel to this location weekly for their excellent food, Keep it up!
  • Reviewed by: afluxdesign  on: 2016-02-11T12:05:35
    Im currently looking at your website and I don’t think it represents what your company stands for and we at afluxdesign’s would like to help. Your website could be improved drastically by implementing a new beautiful design that will only improve and create more client relationships.We don’t just create a simple website we actually use S.E.O and various other optimization tools to attract traffic to your website in order to make you more money. Key Problems.Font sizeWeb traffic Appearance LayoutYour in a competitive industry and you need to stand out.Were ready to make you a beautiful new website, are you?Check us out and receive 15 off your initial build.afluxdesign.com
  • Reviewed by: 858808890  on: 2016-02-10T16:17:09
    Sorry,I just write a note missing percentage. It's 30percent off. Also birthday month I can have 15 percent off every ayce meal I have. I think I will be there every week lol
  • Reviewed by: 858808890  on: 2016-02-10T16:11:35
    I been there for celebrating my birthday. And I saw a promotion on the board that is 30off birthday person and 15off everyone. Even thire price no high.That's awesome! I really like this place.the food so good! Service so fast!
  • Reviewed by: bikramlail98  on: 2016-01-02T08:38:42
    I come here every weekend I should get a discount :))
  • Reviewed by: junwang4502  on: 2015-12-08T23:05:12
  • Reviewed by: iamsandman  on: 2015-01-25T04:07:44
    I went for dinner on Thursday night, as soon as I got in the door was greeted and shown to a table, ordered from buffet, to my surprise expecting the high customer service that Japanese restaurants have as reputation was the reverse, the worst ever experience, of the 3 servers only one very tiny girl was the one who served me with dignity and respect, the others practically throw the food on my table as they pass by like if I was a dog, not even looking at me to make sure that was my order. I come from the hospitality industry and never insulted a customer in such way. I have traveled to orient many times and the service in the most humble place was a 1000 times better than Akita's Sushi, I'll not return to your place nor you ever get a referal from me ever on the contrary all my comments will go the the appropiate magazines and rating facilities. Is a shame that a Japanese Sushi house so well established with the level of decoration and atmosfere so pleasing does such a bad job. Your servers should get a better training if not replaced by someone who knows how to respect. I would like to see you in my place that you go to a restaurante and your plate is left on the table as the server pases by and not even looking at you acknowledging you exist.
  • Reviewed by: leah.glamna96  on: 2014-09-09T14:34:51
    The food is great. The deep fried stuff was too greasy once but other than that I've had no problems. I wish I could order food online with out having to call in
  • Reviewed by: nick  on: 2014-08-19T07:27:37
    Hi Jackson,maegan is a mobile platform that allow's your guests to order/pay for food and drinks from their iPhone/Android/Blackberry.Guest orders from their phone and the chit prints in the kitchen. We drive a 10 increase in average cheque size as well as greater operational efficiency.Our service can be used for takeout, delivery and/or table service. We can even build rewards programs specific for your restaurant. If you're interested I would be happy to come by and walk you through a demo.Best regards,Nick Wilson416 797 6784
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